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IGI 3 The Mark Game Full Version Free Download

IGI 3 The Mark Game Full Version Free Download :
IGI 3 The Mark are Europe's last line of defence  tasked to stop a deadly nuclear package before it reaches it's destination, London. It would be so easy and tempting to describe how bad IGI 3 The Mark is by making some cute remark like, "IGI 3 The Mark is way off IGI 3 The Mark," or "The lame game-play is a black mark against IGI 3 The Mark." However, that takes more effort than this dreary, lacklustre shooter from Dream Catcher and T7 Games deserves. Sure, it's a budget shooter, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it's a very bad game.
IGI 3 The Mark wants to be like a Hollywood style buddy movie in this case, a US Marine and a British mercenary who must team up to stop London from being nuked by terrorists. It's a fairly generic but passable plot device, but the game manages to get everything else wrong. The plot itself is overly contrived and makes no sense. For example, before they nuke London, the terrorists need to kill the marine and his sister because they're the only people who can identify the missile they plan to use. But wouldn't the missile be vaporized by the nuclear explosion? There's also the fact that the bad guy's father, a gazillionaire, finds out about the plot and wants to stop it. But instead of picking up the phone and calling, say, the British government, he hires a mercenary to protect the marine. Because as long as he's alive, the terrorists won't launch their missile because he could identify it!
IGI 3 The Mark tries to mix things up by letting you choose which hero to play as throughout the game. This lets you experience a slightly different route through each level, but the differences between the characters are negligible. You can also play the campaign cooperatively with another player, though trying to find someone to play with online is going to be very difficult but more on that later.
If you're looking at the screenshots, you may think that the game looks decent. Sure, there's a glossy slickness to surfaces, and some of the environments look interesting. However, the game falls apart when it's in motion and can cause eye strain because of the badly selected color palette, the poor frame rate, the jerky animations, and the over the top blur effect that you need to tone down to the absolute minimum to avoid migraines. IGI 3 The Mark constantly recycles the same character models, so each level basically has only three or four different bad guys, and you see the same guys all the time. The level design also gets old fast, particularly in an aircraft carrier where you have to open the door to compartment after compartment and wage a firelight in each one. Things get particularly bad in the aircraft carrier because the frame rate drops to a stutter on a high-end PC. The sound effects are completely generic, but they're the best part of the audio, as the voice acting is third rate, at best. After seeing this screen for the 40th or 50th time, you won't care any more that the evil ones win.
IGI 3 The Mark isn't a humorous or fun game in any sense of the words. It's also a tedious game that taxes your patience and your endurance. When you get down to it, there are simply far too many other shooters that you can spend your money on, and most of those will offer a more enjoyable and fun game-play experience than IGI 3 The Mark.
System Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
Ram: 512 MB
Video: 128 Mb
OS WindowsXp/Vista/7/8
Screen Shots:

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  1. IGI 3 The Mark is awesome action game. I really want to play it.



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