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Command And Conquer Red Alert 2 Game Full Free Download

Command And Conquer Red Alert 2 Game Full Free Download:
Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 is the sequel to the popular 1996 spin-off of Westwood's definitive real-time strategy game. The latest game in the successful series isn't a dramatic technological improvement over any of its predecessors, and its hammy alternate-World War II setting borders on being tasteless. However, Red Alert 2 is a very polished game that combines tried-and-true play mechanics with enough new features, improvements, and enhancements to make it both an excellent sequel and a great real-time strategy game in its own right.

Red Alert 2 retains many of the conventional mechanics established and reused in the various Command & Conquer real-time strategy games. As with its predecessors, Red Alert 2 encompasses most all of the elements that define the genre. You view the action from an isometric perspective typical of most other 2D real-time strategy games, and you play using most of the same exact controls from previous Command & Conquer episodes. The formula still works just fine - you can easily select and move your groups of units, which generally do a good job navigating the game's environments. Red Alert 2 doesn't offer any especially advanced options for your units - for instance, you can't move or array your troops in preset formations, and you can't order your troops to automatically scout or return for repairs and such. But it's just as well, because the units are autonomous in more important ways - they're good about automatically acquiring enemy targets, and they're generally responsive to orders, if only because the game itself plays very smoothly.
Every aspect of gameplay in the game is based on the collection of money. In the game, money can be collected by several means. The most common is using Miner trucks to gather Ore and/or Gems and transport them to a Refinery. A player can also gain a lasting income by capturing Oil derricks (neutral buildings that are present in some maps). There also are two one-time sources of money for Allied and Soviet players, namely collecting random crates which are present in the map and selling off buildings which are controlled by the player. Allied players have a third one-time sources of money using a spy to steal an enemy's money. The money is spent on constructing and repairing buildings and units. In both cases one can start construction before having the full cost in one's reserves, as construction pauses if one runs short of money.
The various nations are members of either the Soviet or the Allied factions. One of the major praises of Red Alert 2 over the original Red Alert game was that playing as a specific country now actually made a difference. While every country has the basic buildings and units, each nation has a special unique unit, or a unique ability or structure. This changed up the popular skirmish games, allowing for new strategies.
It is also the first C&C RTS not to include a mission select screen prior to levels that change the conditions of the next level.

Even so, you might initially have some trouble directing your attacks, because it can be difficult to see incoming enemy units on the game's minimap, especially at higher resolutions. Also, when you set units to battle groups, the number corresponding to the group appears a little too large next to each unit; it can almost eclipse some of the smaller infantry. These minor problems may take getting used to, while most other aspects of Red Alert 2's interface just make the game more accessible and more rewarding as you get better at it. For instance, you can set waypoints for several groups of units and thereby conduct these groups simultaneously, though doing so might not always be viable in the heat of battle.
Though the right-hand vertical interface bar in Red Alert 2 will seem instantly familiar if you've played a Command & Conquer game before, you'll soon find that this particular interface is actually much better. The lower portion of the interface, which is used for building all the various units and structures available to your faction, is divided under four tabs: You click on the respective production tab to see all your available base infrastructure, base defenses, infantry units, and vehicle units. This division makes it easy to quickly find the right unit or structure you want to build. Red Alert 2 also lets you queue up multiple units for production, set rally points, and customize the keyboard hotkeys to your preference.
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