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EasyRecovery Professional Full Version Free Download

EasyRecovery Professional Full Version Free Download..This Software Is Very Useful For Anyone.Using This Software We Recover Our Deleted Files Such As Audio ,Video ,Images Documents And Etc.

EasyRecovery Overviews :
EasyRecovery Professional is the complete solution for your data recovery, file repair, and disk diagnostic needs. It includes all of the EasyRecovery Data Recovery and EasyRecovery FileRepair features and benefits, plus superior disk diagnostics including Ontrack Data Advisor, and advanced data recovery capabilities and options.
EasyRecovery Professional contains advanced data recovery capabilities that allow you to search more than 225 different file types including MIDI music files, voice files, digital media files, and more! Plus you can utilize the Emergency Boot Diskette to recover data from systems that cannot boot to Windows.
In addition to the new, more powerful data recovery engine, EasyRecovery Professional now has the power to repair Zip files and Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files! Plus the added disk diagnostic features, including Ontrack Data Advisor, provide valuable system diagnostic tools to quickly evaluate the health of your hard drive.


EasyRecovery Professional Features:

  • Improved Graphical User Interface similar to award-winning SystemSuite
  • Supports DOS, Windows 3.x systems Supports 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP systems
  • Recovers files from IDE/EIDE/ATA and SCSI hard drives, floppy diskettes, Zip and Jaz removable media
  • Recovers lost or deleted files, folders, complete partitions or entire drives.
  • Ability to preset file filters before beginning recovery process to optimize recovery results
  • Advanced File Filtering Options, and File Find capabilities
  • Ability to copy recovered data to an FTP destination
  • Ability to automatically ZIP files during recovery to copy destination
  • Advanced RawRecovery options including the ability to enter custom file types and signatures
  • View contents of any file in both ASCII and hex format to find the data you need
  • Ability to define partition and file system parameters to aid in recovery process
  • Configure system inputs with advanced tuning options to achieve better and faster data recovery results
  • Specify criteria to select recovered files and/or folders for backup using advanced tagging options to pinpoint specific data
  • Ability to generate reports to document your data recovery backup or file repair
  • Repair corrupted or damaged Zip archive files Repair corrupted Microsoft Word files
  • Repair corrupted Microsoft Access databases including restoring tables, forms, queries, reports and macros
  • Repair corrupted Microsoft Excel files including restoring text, multi-sheet structures, formulas, cell attributes, and graphics
  • Repair corrupted Microsoft PowerPoint files including restoring animation, master settings, notes, shapes, text, and WordArt
  • Repair corrupted Microsoft Outlook files (PST & OST)
  • Recover deleted e-mails from within Microsoft Outlook files (PST & OST)
  • Repair and restore Microsoft Outlook files exceeding the 2 GB limitation
  • Ability to perform Hard Disk SMART diagnostic tests
  • Includes ability to perform Quick or Full surface scans of your hard disk
  • Perform File system diagnostic tests of FAT/NTFS partitions
  • Includes Data Advisor boot diskette creator

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