Saturday, 23 March 2013

London Racer 2 Racing Car Game Full Free Download

London, UK speed 2 is the follow up to the overall activity London, UK Racer also known as M-25 Racer designed by Caviler  I've got to say that I experienced M-25 Racer more and I really think London, UK Racer 2 is definitely not the biggest speed video I have performed. London, UK Racer 2 is an video rushing activity, in which you get into an unlawful road competition company as a novice. This company places up unlawful events on the M-25 and in London, UK and Oxford. In this hierarchic company you begin in the little group, but when you're excellent enough, they let you get into the "Luxury activities car league" but at the end, you'll be trying to arrive at the biggest league: the "GT Racer League". During the teams, you try to go quicker and quicker through purchasing accessories and power-ups for your car to beat it up. By completing greater in the teams, you'll generate more income with which you can buy even better vehicles or update your present car. You'll be able to get cash and other products like, nitro increases and -fixing icons-, which normally repairs your car, by selecting them up during the competition. The experience provides various vehicles kinds such as reward vehicles that can be used only by completing some stages. It also provides two kinds of game play
The individual gamer aspect involve three activity modes: Competition, which contains three different competitions: little vehicles competition, high-class game car competition and GT vehicles competition. Time test, where you competition for local plumber without stressing about oppositions. And lastly individual competition, where you competition on a individual a record of your option.
Processor= 450MHz
Graphics= 32MB
HD= 150Mb

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