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Hulk Pc Game Full Free Download

Hulk Pc Game Full Free Download:

the Hulk makes a huge leap upwards, grabs onto the side of a building and hauls his way up to the rooftop. Ripping a metal limb from a water tower, he takes aim at the helicopter and hurls it like a javelin. The collision sends the chopper spiralling down towards the city below. Peering down at the result, he fails to notice the missile heading rapidly towards him. The impact is enough to knock the green monster from his feet as the building's integrity gives way and it collapses into a mountain of rubble. 

As you'd expect from a Hulk title, destruction is its raisin retread. The Incredible Hulk's New York City is his sandbox, and he's able to destroy it at will. Buildings will fall, vehicles will explode and civilians will mess themselves at the sight of the mutated green beast marauding through the city. It's undeniably fun.

Destruction is exactly what a Hulk game should be about. And in this tie-in with the summer blockbuster of the same name, the Hulk can barely even move without breaking something. Simply running through the streets will result in the kind of carnage usually reserved for a Parisian street riot. This game provide by Even sticking to the rooftops and leaping from building to building, you'll find yourself attracting the unwanted attention of the army as chunks of concrete rain down into the streets below. Cause to much damage and the authorities will come after you, a concept familiar to anyone who's played GTA or Crackdown. In fact, the latter is probably the closest next-gen reference point we have for this latest version of the Hulk. Like Crackdown, the easiest way to navigate the city is by chaining huge jumps together, climbing buildings and generally keeping away from street-level until you need to knock the shit out of something. Where the two games differ, is in their approach to missions. 

The Incredible Hulk features a linear story that loosely ties in with the film. The Hulk is essentially caught up in a battle between the US Army and a shady cabal of scientists known as The Enclave. What this means in terms of game play is that most missions will involve you fighting one faction, the other, or both at the same time. As the missions are completed, new abilities can be unlocked, giving you access to a powerful range of attacks. However, while the story missions do give the game some focus, they are very repetitive and uninspired. Almost all of the missions will involve leaping through the city to a way point and smashing something to bits. Although this is the Hulk's specialty  it gets old pretty quickly. Even the odd boss battle fails to add much variety to the game as it's never difficult to work out how to beat them. For example, when you take on the Giant Enclave robot early on in the game, you'll probably realist that the massive glowing target on his chest is a good place to aim for. 

System Requirements:
Processor : 2.0 GHz
Ram : 512 Mb
VGA Card : 64 Mb

Screen Shots:

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