Thursday, 8 March 2012

Turbo C++ V4.5 Free Download

The first release of Turbo C++ was made available during the MS-DOS reign on personal computers. Version 1.0, running on MS-DOS, was released in May 1990. An OS/2 version was produced as well. Version 1.01 was released on February 28, 1991[1], running on MS-DOS. The latter was able to generate both COM and EXE programs, and was shipped with Borland's Turbo Assembler compiler for Intel x86 processors. The initial version of the Turbo C++ compiler was based on a front end developed by TauMetric (TauMetric was later acquired by Sun Microsystems and their front end was incorporated in Sun C++ 4.0, which shipped in 1994).This compiler supported the AT&T 2.0 release of C++.
this download requires a ZIP compatible compressor. It is necessary to register the application during its installation.
  Note: It works on any Operating System Like Windows Xp ,Vista and  7..

Sarmad Zia

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